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What Do Typical WebCam Girl Do on Cam?

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A typical webcam girl will do a lot both on and off cam. Mostly they do things that you would expect a stripper to do, but they also get more creative than that by using toys. However, there is a lot more to the job than what goes on when the camera is going. 


Toys, Toys, And More Toys


If you thought that toys were just limited to dildos, you would be wrong. A camgirl who wants to make more money will have a wide variety of toys and props. Some toys and props that you might see a model use are dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, whips, chains, sex candles, stuffed animals, spreader bars, and more! 

There is a lot of variety with all of these toys. You can buy glass dildos, dildos that vibrate every time someone tips you, dildos that actually produce a liquid from the tip, etc.. The butt plugs come in all sorts of different sizes, and the goal of using them is to eventually make you ready for anal sex. However, a lot of models will use buttplugs that look like animal tails. 


Finding Your Inner Stripper


Most girls will actually find that it is super easy to do strip teases on cam. If you have never done this before you might think that it will be embarrassing, but it is actually a lot of fun once you realize that it gives you a great self esteem boost. It really is awesome to see how many people find your every move to be very sexy. Of course, you probably shouldn’t let it get to your head. 

After you have relaxed enough by doing a strip tease, you will then have to get used to playing with yourself on cam. I personally started out by playing with myself on cam without having an audience. I made myself get comfortable with talking to the computer and playing for no one. By the time I had an audience I was very ready to perform. 


Off Cam Work


There is also work that you can do off cam, like referrals, selling videos and pictures, selling clothes, and advertising your show. Usually this kind of work is done when models get bored of doing stuff on cam or run out of new things to do that day. Also, don’t forget to message your fans when you get the chance to.


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