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How to Be a XModels Webcam Model With (Xcams)


Adult webcam sites like xModels have been filling a gap for years. Pairing horny, lonely men and women with a sexy, horny guy or girl for a dirty strip show or some play time with a favorite toy has proven time and time again to be a recipe for money. Just think about it: An attractive, naked body ready to put on a custom, private show for you. Just the way you like it. It’s no wonder that so many people choose to get their rocks off on sites like these. 


xModels is one of the best adult cam sites and is quite well known. But what is it like to be an xModels model? 


Read on to find out, and decide for yourself whether or not xModels is a good fit for you. 


Sign up process


The first step to getting paid to show off that sexy body of yours is to sign up and apply to be a model. Females tend to do better on xModels but anyone is free to join regardless of their gender. 

To become an xModels model, you will need to verify your identity. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid state ID. 

You will need to provide this information during the sign up process and once it is manually approved and verified, you will be ready to start earning. 

It will take some time for your information to be reviewed, but once that step is out of the way, it’s all green lights from here on out. 

The verification process is important to filter out ineligible people from signing up. 




There are many ways to make money as an xModel. The site lets users send you virtual gifts, and you can take them into private shows and charge per minute. Users can also send you a message for a price, and can use a special WhatsApp number to contact you according to conditions you specify. 

How much money you make depends on many factors, not just how great of a body you have. You could have the best body in the world and still be so boring that you don’t make any money. 

Users respond best to energy and creativity. Find new, unique ways to get your viewers engaged and you will see your earnings increase exponentially. 

Payments are sent once a month.


Other features


You can take control of your sense of security with geoblocking. This allows you to block people from an entire geographical location, decreasing the chances someone you know will chance upon you. 

Models get a lot of control over their experience, and this is especially true with privacy. 

But they also have a lot of other features worth exploring that will make your job as a model even easier. 


In a Nutshell


Over all, xModels is a wonderful site that can help launch your career as an adult web cam model. It will take time and effort, but with determination you can use this site to create a substantial income. 


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