Adding a fuck machine to your cam show can really make a difference. Not only can you make more money, but you can engage with your audience in a much better way. Not many cam girls use them yet, and the price can be a deterrent. The prices many articles quote aren’t too accurate though. They tend to list them as costing around $500, but that’s a high end one.

You can get one that will work just fine on eBay for around $60 to $100. Once you you make enough money of your cheap machine you can go ahead and buy one of the more expensive ones.

The Fans

Fans love it when you get something new. However, the fuck machine something bigger than just a new sex toy, it’s like adding a permanent guest to your show. Fans love these things because you are being penetrated at fast speeds without using your own hand. It makes it feel as though they are the ones controlling it, especially if you are in a private session with them.

Private Shows

These new toys are really great for using on private shows. They help the user feel not immersed with the show. This is because of that feeling they get from seeing you be pleasures without you relying on your hand to control a toy. These toys are great for private shows because you can charge more for each private show that features one of these bad boys (even though you are technically doing less work). Make sure your camera is set up good though, so that the user can see you using the machine from a good angle.

Public Shows

If you are going to use your fuck machine in a public show, make sure you are earning money from it. I would suggest make a certain tip amount that has to be reached for the fuck machine to come out  (make this amount at least 2 or 3 times the amount you would charge for 30 minutes of use with the machine in a private show). This makes It so that you are making enough for the fuck machine to be worth it, but also gives your fans that cannot afford an entire private show on their own the chance to see the machine in action. It also gives you the chance to advertise your private shows with the toy.

Make Sure You Use It First

A lot of models make the mistake of bringing out a new complicated toy onto their show without first testing it out. This is not good to do, and can very easily end up in your fans being disappointed or bored for the next 30 minutes while you figure out how to use the machine, how to angle the camera for the machine, and so on. So, just make sure you test out the machine and get the set up process done before hand.