LiveJasmin is pretty much what you would call a “brand name” webcam site. Almost everyone who either uses webcam sites or models on one has heard of it. The goal of this site is to provide a quality experience to their viewers, which means that they aim for a certain type of content. This doesn’t mean that they restrict their models into one or a few categories. This means that they want more glamorous models. The point of LiveJasmin isn’t to provide something that is nothing more than porn. The point is to provide something classy, something high quality.

Becoming  a model on LiveJasmin is pretty straight forward. You will need to complete their registration process to request membership as a model. You will also need to verify your identification. This means you will need to make scanned copies of your identification and send them to LiveJasmin. This helps to verify that you really are who you say you are, and also that your are over 18.

You will also need to submit photos of yourself, some of which will need to show you holding your ID up to your face so that both are clearly visible.

Once your identification is verified, you will be able to start broadcasting. Naturally this means you will need at least a laptop with a webcam. However, is probably a good idea to buy a new, better quality webcam as soon as you can. This will help provide a better quality show, which will help you earn more money.

You can model in several different categories, depending on which is relevant to you. They have male, female, couple and transgender categories, so anybody who wants to model can find a place to fit in at LiveJasmin. It’s all about how much you interact with your viewers. Be fun, be energetic and be creative, and you will be rewarded for it. Your fanclub will grow and so will your income. You just have to be a fun model. That’s really the big secret. Be fun, and have fun.

Just for some extra information, if you decide to sign up with LiveJasmin, here are some of the features you get. They have a fanclub service, meaning you can build a fanclub, sort of like followers, for yourself. They offer payouts every two weeks with a $100 minimum for asking for a pay out. Your earnings can be sent to you a variety of ways, including check and direct deposit.