Becoming a Boleyn model is as easy as signing up and verifying your ID. Boleyn makes it easy for models to broadcast, as well as to sell their video clips. The content at Boleyn is obviously of an adult nature, so verifying your ID helps make sure that you are of legal age. Once you are verified you will be able to use the site to stream your show and sell your video clips. Boleyn is one of the highest paying webcam studios, and they don’t have a lot of fees. This makes it easy to earn good money modeling at Boleyn.

Getting Set Up

First of all, you probably have a computer. A good, basic set up is a laptop with a built in webcam. Eventually, you will want to get a better webcam. Once you have at a computer, a webcam and a decent Internet connection, you are ready to sign up at the site. To do this you will need scanned copies of your photo ID and any other documents asked of you. There are several different sites run by the studio, and your earnings will differ from site to site. Your best bet is to choose a site you think you would fit in with.

Earning A Living

The sites you can stream with include Streamate,, Chaturbate and Camgasm. As a tier 1 model at Streamate, you will make a base of 30% and get bonuses up to 35%. Tier 2 makes 26% base with up to 30% in bonuses. At and Streamray you make a base of 27.6% with tiered bonuses of as much as 40%. Chaturbate and Camgasm can earn you 4.5 cents per token. Sometimes, however, it isn’t about choosing the site with they highest value per token. Choosing a site that will rake in the most tokens is often the best bet. A lower paying site that gets you more money is better than a high paying site that doesn’t bring you much luck. This is why you should stream somewhere that you can fit into, where you can develop a good following.

It is pretty easy to sign up with Boleyn. The benefit to modeling with Boleyn is that it is a webcam studio. You can get a better experience as a model when you have a studio behind you, rather than just going independently. Boleyn makes it easy to get your foot into the door in this industry, and also makes it easy to succeed, when your willing to put in the work. It all boils down to you, and how well you interact with people. The better you do, the more fun you have, the more of a following you will develop, and the better you will do with Boleyn and with webcam modelling in general.