For those of you out there wondering how to be a webcam Stripchat Model, your life is about to get very easy. There are a lot of different methods of earning money online, but this is certainly one of the easiest that you will find.


There are not a lot of qualifications that you are going to have to worry about when signing up to become a cam girl. One of the best things about this line of work is that it is non-discriminatory. Remember all those times you got turned down for a job because you had those tattoos, had a criminal background, not big enough boobs, or weren’t strong enough? Now you can relax knowing that this company does not care! They want anyone who is over the age of 18, and they except women, men, and transgender models.

Making That Money

There are loads of ways to make money working as a Stripchat model. The first way is obvious, at least for those who have worked as a cam girl before, earning tips. To do this all you have to do is put on a show for any users who join your room and they will tip away. You can also ask or make it a requirement to be tipped certain amounts for doing certain things on cam.

The second way to make money with this company is through private live cam shows. Members on this site are charged $1.20 per minute for these types of shows. However, you can change that amount as well, going as high as 90 tokens ($4.50) per minute. For this you should base it on the show you are doing. If it is a show you are completely comfortable with, or one you find very easy, charge the minimum. If it is a show that you are uncomfortable with, or one that you find to be quite complicated, charge the maximum. You decide, because you really are your own boss as a cam girl. 

Of course, there are many other ways to make money on this site, but I don’t have all day to sit here and list them. 

Safety First

If you are thinking about becoming a Stripchat model, you are going to want to think about your own safety first. Every cam company you go through is going to offer you the chance to block certain areas from viewing your cam. I would block your area. This is not only for the purpose of saving face (don’t want mom finding out about this, do we?), but also for the purpose of safety. If someone you did a cam show for runs into you, that can not only be embarrassing, but kind of scary. This is why I encourage every camgirl to block their area as a first step when creating their profile.

Other than blocking certain areas, you can also ban certain users. This is very helpful in the case of creeps, or people being mean to you. Banning really isn’t used that often, most people are actually quite nice, but there are some users who tend to get out of hand during shows. This is why the option to ban users does come in hand at times.