While Customs4u may not be my all time favorite site to broadcast with, they are a very great site to work with. I have spent many years working with them, and have found the experience to be rewarding as well as very profitable. 

Signing Up As A Model

When signing up for this cam site (as is the case with most of these types of sites) you will find that there is really not much required of you other than being 18 or older. Of course, there is no need to meet up with anyone, and there is no lengthy interview or background check. However, you are going to have to have an ID for the verification process (this is really so that they can make sure that you are indeed your stated age). Also, all of this information will be kept private, and you can create your profile the way you want, not under your legal name. 

What Should You Start Off With?

Even though all that is really required is a computer running windows that can broadcast via webcam, there are some other things that you may want to start off with. Those who have toys, high-def webcams, great WiFi connection, and a great studio will be seeing more profit in comparison to those that don’t. It makes sense if you think about it, would you want to watch a crappy quality porn where there were no props or added extras? 

How Much Could You Make With Customs4u?

As a model for Customs4u, I make an average of $5,000 a month. However, I had to work hard to get to that amount of money making. You will certainly be in need of great equipment, great toys, great looks, a great personality, and a lot of time on hand if you are trying to make as much money as I do.

How You Get Paid

I usually prefer PayPal or payment by check, but Customs4u offers payment via Payoneer. This payment processor is very similar to PayPal, and it can be used in the same ways. Payment will occur within 2 weeks of you having made more than $20. Even though this may seem like a long time to wait, it really is not. The average cam company will make you wait between 2 weeks to 2 months to get paid. Also, models have the chance to request express payout for a 5% fee. Personally, I wait for my money, simply because I don’t need the money bad enough to pay a 5% on all of the money I made.

Final Thoughts

Customs4u is certainly a camming site that I would recommend. There may not be as many cool features as some of my favorite sites, but it really is a great one to work for. With signing up being so easy, payout being once every two weeks, and the ability to use express payout to get your money faster, it is easy to see how so many web cam girls have dubbed this as their favorite site to model for.