Chaturbate is an amazing site that I have personally worked for over the past couple of years. This site comes loaded with great features that every model can appreciate, features that help making money easier.

Payout And Token Prices

Now, if you have been working as a cam girl for awhile now, you will notice that token prices are very important to know. The price that a model gets for every token on Chaturbate is 5 cents, and this is pretty good, being that the average tip is around 100 to 500 tokens ($5.00 to $25.00). This means that if you have at least 2,000 fans (very easy to accumulate more than this on Chaturbate in your first week), you will be able to make at least $1,000 to $5,000 for just a couple hours of on cam time.

The payout for this site is every two weeks, or bi-monthly. This means that you can request payment on the 1st or 16th of every month. However, it can take up to 7 business days to receive payment after requesting it. You will find that you are certainly willing to wait this long simply because of how much you are going to be making, along with the fact that every cam site you go to is going to have a pay schedule that is very similar. I believe that they mostly do this so as to make sure you don’t quit before you get enough fans to start making really good money. Or so that you don’t quit before you have had the chance to get used to the job.

Special Features

Now, my favorite feature is the bots, however, there are also other neat features such as tags. Tags will help you out as a model by letting you make tags that tell users what they can expect in your room.

What are bots? Bots are these crazy amazing gadgets that you can hook up to your room. These little guys can do everything for you. My all time favorite bot is the All In One Bot. This bot creates a VIP list for crazy ticket, names the all time tip king, does nicknames, creates crazy note, does a tip menu, has a leader board, and so much more! I mean, this bot is the bot that will make it so that you really don’t need any other bots, unless you want a fun bot that does things like roll dice, or play a game of truth and dare.

Final Thoughts

Chaturbate is honestly one of my favorite webcam sites for cam girls. This site has a lot of great features, and loads of ways to make money. Of course, I also love the crazy amounts of people that come on everyday, making it easy to make money quickly. If you are a model looking for an easy pay site, this is certainly the site to go to. The site makes it very easy to make money with tips, private shows, bots, and a personalized profile to sell pics and videos on.