While working as a cam girl, I have found that the props you use are very important. That means that it is important to find the best sex toys that you can. Luckily for you, I have been working for a long time with this job, meaning that I know all of the best ones to get. 

Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand is well-known in this industry, and it has gained quite the reputation simply because of its ability to produce the best orgasms as well as the most both on and off cam. This toy comes with some pretty hefty motors as well as two different vibrating massager speeds to rock your world. It also comes with a soft-molded wand massager attachment, and a speed controller.

VixSkin Dildos

When it comes to dildos, it is very hard to choose one that will make both you and your viewers happy. I have found that the VixSkin Dildos are the best way to go. Not only do these dildos feel real, but they also look very real on cam and off. These dildos layer soft, textured silicone over some very flexible, but firm silcone for the core. These sex toys are the best not only because of their look and feel, but also because they warm up and retain that heat when they have been inserted, adding to the real feel.

Icicles Glass Dildos

While these dildos may not be as great feeling as the VixSkin Dildos, the Icicles Glass Dildos are very pretty and will certainly gather a lot of attention from your audience. I have found that these dildos are great fun, as well as less intimidating in comparison to other dildos simply because of their design.


Lelo is one of the most luxurious toys that can be found, and that makes it a great candidate for this list of the best sex toys. These ones are certainly made for those who love beautiful items, and those that have the large pockets to spend a good amount of money on their toy. These products are not only made out of silicone, but they are also waterproof. There are a lot of toys that you can choose from, vibrators, rabbit vibes, and even some G-spot massagers.

Final Thoughts

These sex toys are certainly the best that you will find on the market. However, this is certainly not everything that there is. Like I have found these toys to be my favorites over the past couple of years that I have been working as a webcam girl, you will find many that suit your needs along the way. However, these toys are certainly a great place to start, and they will definitely help you find out just how kinky you want to be on cam!