XCams happens to be one of the most popular camming sites out there, and they have many great features.

Who Can Be A Model With XCams

Anyone who is over the age of 18 can be a model with the XCams company. Th at means that it does not matter how bad your record is, how many tattoos you have, or what gender you are, you can absolutely work for this company. You can even make a couples account with this company.

What You Need To Start Earning Big Bucks

You are going to need an ID (to prove your age to the company). You are going to have to have a computer that can handle flash, meaning it needs to be able to be great with live streaming.

You are going to be needing a webcam, HD preferred but not required. The reason an HD webcam is recommended is simply to make sure you are getting the most money that you can. However, if you can not afford one just yet, make use of your stock laptop webcam until you can (it’s easy to make enough money to buy a great webcam with this company). You are also going to want high-speed internet for the same reason that you are going to be wanting a great webcam, so that your performances rake in more pay.

How Much You Could Be Making

XCams models are going to be making a base percentage of 45%. However, it is possible to get as much as 75% thanks to the referral program that they offer. All of the XCams models are going to be getting a bonus 30% off of all of the referrals that they are able to send on over to the cam site. This means that you could be on your way to making as much as 75% with this referral program. However, if a model does not have the free chat enabled they are going to be making a 40% base percentage rather than a 45% base percentage.

Methods Of Getting Paid

As of right now wire transfers are the only way that you can cash out as an XCams model. The minimum amount that you can cash out with is $100 for this company, and the payouts are going to happen twice a month. All of this is normal for a company like this (they make the minimum so high so that you don’t give up so easily and can build a fanbase up).

Getting That Money

Now that you have learned everything that you really need to know about working as a cam model for this company, you are going to find that you make money pretty easily. Even though this may not be your dream job, it will certainly turn into your dream job once you learn how easy it is to make money this way, and how fun it is! So, all you have to do now is make an account and get started with earning that easy money!